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Lights FX

More Length, Pay LESS!
 5M Full Set 25% OFF
10M Full Set 30% OFF
15M Full Set 35% OFF
20M Full Set 40% OFF


Transform your room into an amazing led mood lighting experience

From Dark to Dazzling

  • Through our mobile app, enjoy pleasant control of each LED Strip

  • In any corner of your space, add a colorful glow and set the tone for any vibe with more than 16 million RGB colors to choose from
  • These multicolored, dazzling lights will instantly bring you the ideal desired environment


Easy To Install And Use

Flexible ribbon with a powerful adhesive backside. Easily sticks to clean and flat surfaces

Control With Your Phone

Connect your lights to our app via Bluetooth for even more fun and existing functionalities. Compatible with IOS and Android devices

Sync With Your Music

Sync your lights with your music to allow colors to change with the beat

Perfect for parties!

 Voice Control

Turn your lights on and off, change colors and modes with simple voice commands



Set the scene & take your light show to the next level!

  • Sit back, watch, and feel the stress of the day melt away as you immerse yourself in the custom atmosphere that surrounds you


  • Change things up in a heartbeat with your remote control (included) or smartphone

  • Adjust the colors, the modes, the music, the voice, the speed, the brightness, and more - set timers for automated dazzling LED Lights at specific hours of your choice



Creativity is the limit

  • The Lights FX gets a lot of attention, and it's not surprising why... They are Incredible lights for every place! You will make your room STAY COOL with so many color choices and a lifetime of over 50,000+ hours

  • Your lightbulbs may not fit behind a desk, or under your bed, but the possibilities are endless with our Lights FX!

  • Use them under your couch or bed, behind your TV or computer, on your desk, on your ceiling, on your floor, on your headboard, on your furniture, on your living room, on your kitchen, and in many more places!





We would recommend 20 meters to help cover a normal-sized room! This could cover all 4 walls, but as always make sure to measure your room so you know exactly how many you’ll need. At a minimum, we recommend 1 strip for each area you’d like to light up, such as your TV, desk, or bed! For the gamers, 10M to 15M strips will be sure to cover your gaming setup




  • Superb Right 2835 SMD LED, High Intensity and Reliable.
  • Long-life +50,000 hours
  • Ribbon Flexible curve around curves.
  • Fully smooth and even diffuse light, solving the uneven light problem.
  • Ultra-bright but working at insufficient temperature.


    How to Install:

    Strong double-sided tape installation, just peel them off and stick to clean, dry and flat surface, super-stick anti-slip, can be cut every 3 LEDs along with the cutting marks to make sure your setup gets the correct fit.

    Give your room a massive transformation without the massive cost!


    Package Includes:

    • LED Light Strip (5M/10M/15M/20M)
    • Wall Plug (USA, EU, AU, UK)
    • Bluetooth Receiver
    • IR Remote Controller (w/ Batteries)




    We have 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST TIME Customer support ready to help! We stand behind the quality of our products, so if something doesn’t seem right, we’ll be here for you.

    You can reach out to us via Instagram @Shoppercy_ or via email at support@shoppercy.com

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