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Power Bank 10000mAh

✔️The most important reason is the conversion rate. Since most of the battery voltage of the mobile power supply is 3.7V, and the mobile power supply needs to increase the voltage to 5V when charging the mobile phone, the efficiency conversion of the mobile power supply is only 3.75 / 5 = 74%, and the battery voltage also increases.

✔️Including the heat generated, as well as various cables consumption, electricity and self-consumption.

✔️These points add up to approximately 30% - 40% of the power bank's power, so the 10,000mAh power bank can only be used by us about 6500mAh.

✔️Furthermore, the conversion rate of the entire mobile power industry is basically in the range of 60% -70%. caution.

Features: Digital Display
Output Interface: Double USB
Input Interface: USB Type C
Type: Portable Power Bank
Compatible Cellphone:Apple & Android