WiFI Smart Bulb

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✔️ Voice control and app: WiFi smart bulb changes how you light up your life at home. Using your smartphone, you can control the type of light you use for any activity, be it energizing, focused, or reading. These WIFI smart LED bulbs are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control, you can control your smart bulbs with just the sound of your voice making your life much easier


✔️ Tunable and RGB Color Changing White Light: WIFI RGB smart bulbs tailor your lighting environment to every room with 16 million colors. Use the app to automatically dim your light bulb for a romantic dinner or brighten up your light bulb to work in the office or kitchen, do more with your lighting, dimmable and adjustable from a 2700K warm white to a 6500K bright white that creates the perfect environment in your home.

✔️ Group control and scheduling: WIFI smart bulbs can also be controlled together with a command, just add them to a group in the Smart Life APP, very easy and practical. Additionally, the LED bulbs can be programmed to automatically turn on or off, a good feature for those who want to sleep with light but don't want the light to stay on all night.

✔️ Energy-saving: WIFI smart bulbs can save up to 80% compared to traditional bulbs. 25% of energy is wasted when using traditional light bulbs, so using smart light bulbs can save energy and your bill. Improve the environment. The WIFI bulb is designed to replace bulbs typically used in recessed or can lighting applications. For indoor and outdoor use. Smart bulbs, brighter light, more energy saving, lower bill cost.

✔️ WIDE APPLICATION: This WIFI RGB bulb is a perfect choice for home decoration and indoor lighting. You can set them automatically to change color in different weather, when it rains, the light is blue; When there is snow, the light is warm white, it makes you feel warmer. Get one and try more cool features in the app. We will provide you with the best products and more supports, for any problems, welcome to contact us.